Rice Exchange

Agriculture has been a large part of Inami’s economy, and this project sheds a light on Inami’s agricultural past, starting with the preservation of the name Yokamachi. Yokamachi means “8th day block.” In 1655, women from this block would sell their grown produce on the 8th, 18th, and 28th day of every month. For this reason, the new use I am proposing for the Hokuriku Bank is an agricultural market, an office space for Fu Fu Fu Rice company, as well as a small grocery and test kitchen. I approached the site by establishing a grid system with the existing column grid, which resulted with two distinct grids. Each grid houses a separate structure and between each structure is a 60-centimeter gap. The central market acts as a bridge to connect back to the Hokuriku Bank, as well as the office space. In conclusion, this project aims to bring back Inami’s history with the market by preserving the name Yokamachi: a place of exchange where people can gather and exchange goods.

Hokuriku Bank
Rhode Islabd School of Design
Inami, Japan

Yara Hadi
(401) 340-8611