Reawakened Repose

Reawakened Reopse aims to capitalize on the existing structural grid of Piscina Mirablils, emphasizing its isotropic network of nearly equidistant columns as a static framework. This immovable framework offers perspective boundaries of interiorty, and serves as a perpetual infrasturcture for the implementation of ever-changing conditions. The primary intervention strategy introduces a metal boardwalk, guiding visitors through exhibition spaces within the old cistern, up to the reimagined roof terrace to indulge in the surronding views. The intervention acts as a direct, yet dynamic pathway that seeks to ‘break’ the original grid. With this, the differentiation between idleness and movement, between old and new, is undisguised.

Piscina Mirables
Kayci Gallagher , Yara Hadi
Reuse Italy Competition
Bacoli, Italy

Yara Hadi
(401) 340-8611