Hayden Flour Mill Hotel

This project consists of a hotel that occupies an existing grain elevator building and is part of a two phase project. Phase 1 is submitted under a separate submission. This project (phase 2) is located on a 2.4 acre site in Tempe, Arizona. The projects sits right below South Mountain also known as Tempe Butte. This project was challenging because the team and client had to go through a series of meeting with the City of Tempe and The National Park Services to discuss preserving Tempe’s relic as much as possible. The team worked in collaboration with Workstead, MRD, Dibble Engineering, and Forefront Structural Engineers.

Chris Ledwith, Lisa Denlinger
C.J. Rogers, Yara Hadi
Tempe, Arizona

Yara Hadi
(401) 340-8611