Adaptive Reuse Index

This year long research consisted of an optimization of adaptive re-use dabatase for the Interior Architecture Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. We started with creating an encyclopedic collection of adaptive reuse projects. The projects were categorized based on a number of features, original use, and reuse. Furthermore, a intricate categorization system was implemented to categorize each proejct. This system was based on the Dewey decimal system. By the end of the research, the team went from over 200 projects to just 50 of the most notable projects of adaptice reuse. Each project has its own index card, in which we designed and created. Each card has an image of the project and an axonometric drawing that indicates old and new.

Rhode Island School of Design
Liliane Wong, Department Head
Kayci Gallagher,Yara Hadi
Reseach Assistanship

Yara Hadi
(401) 340-8611